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Paper Pop Cards Variety of Product Lines

Paper Pop Cards Variety of Product Lines
May 17, 2017

Cards can never go ‘out of fashion’. They are a classic form of greeting and help create beautiful and long-lasting memories simply because they can be preserved. At Paper Pop Cards, we are passionate about designing and producing high-quality 3-D pop up greeting cards that are hand-crafted and perfect for all kinds of occasions.

If you’re looking to make a loved one happy, gift them a meaningful card that they can cherish for years to come. Paper Pop was founded in 2013 with the aim of being exceptionally different. We want to bring joy and laughter to your world, but in a very innovative and fun way!

Here you can explore some of our exclusive paper art products:

PaperPop Cards

For our PaperPop Cards, a range of brilliant 3-D pop-up cards, we utilize high-end paper, vibrant colors and customized embossing along with some witty emotions to create the perfect greeting for your loved one. These cards have the advantage of being both interactive and detachable. Paper Pop cards are our high-end line with cards crafted with finest attention to detail and highest quality materials used. 


If traditional greeting cards aren’t what you’re looking for, then you will definitely love our laser-cut, pop-up 3D greeting cards. These hand-assembled cards are designed with exceptional detailing. The best thing about the Popz range of greeting cards is that they are simple and cost-effective. The inside of each of these cards features laser-cut patterns and they are enfolded in laser-cut covers too! Starting at $5-7 a card, our Popz line is for our more cost conscious customers who want the most bang for their buck.  


Yet another exciting and creative product from Paper Pop is PuzzlePop. These are basically DIY 3D puzzle models that get their inspiration from our best-selling 3D greeting cards. The younger generation particularly loves PuzzlePop cards because these are very interactive and fun to create! A PuzzlePop card will include pre-cut, blank puzzle pieces that you can decorate and color them as you like. Those wanting and willing to build their own paper pop up will love PuzzlePops.


You have probably not come across something as unusual as our PopBuds range of ‘growable’ greeting cards. And what do we mean by ‘growable’ cards? Well, these cards combine a pop-up 3D design with a do-it-yourself potted plant kit! You can easily remove the pop-up on the card and utilize it for decorating the collapsible pot. That’s a funky way of growing your own herbs, veggies or flowers, right?

Whether you want the best in-class, on a budget, or want to create your own pop up, we have a stationary product just for you. Surprise your loved ones with one of our witty and interactive pop-up products from Paper Pop Cards today!