Paper Pop Cards partner with Boston Business Women’s Conference 2017

Paper Pop Cards partner with Boston Business Women’s Conference 2017
May 15, 2017

Boston Business Woman 2017 Conference

On Wednesday, May 17th, the Boston Business Women’s group be will hosting its second annual “Be Bold Conference,” a networking event aimed at connecting female professionals from multiple industries, providing them with valuable insight on professional and personal development. The organization has tirelessly dedicated their energy to providing value to women in their own communities, but that doesn’t mean women don’t like to have fun. 

So bring out the mimosas and little bites!

When most people think of women in business they think of bossy women in heels and pants suits with hardliner attitudes. 

Good, let them!

Women are a cornerstone in our society and are taking over more high ranking industry roles - dominating the workforce and empowering others to follow suit, no pun intended. 

The lineup of speakers for the event features incredible thought leaders ranging from CEOs, editorial chiefs, and television personalities alike. Paper Pop Cards is excited to announce that we will be sponsoring this wonderful event. Boston Business Women’s vision of developing strong thoughtful female leaders in the business world resonates with Paper Pop Card’s mission of always striving to be different, impactful, and Always Eye Opening. 

Women have aided the world’s development for generations - taking on the critical roles of  mothers, teachers, nurses, and other supportive roles while maintaining industry objectives and driving innovation. Now more than ever, those same skilled and ambitious women have taken on leadership roles that further our country’s economy by introducing new industries and markets. As women continue to elevate their positions, they become role models and problem solvers for others who have gone under-represented in the past. 

We will be donating our 3D pop-up cards to each of the thousand plus attendees who will be writing special messages to their mentors.  Boston Business Women and Paper Pop Cards are looking to continue to inspire the next generation of women in business!