Surprise Your Loved Ones with these 5 Exciting Paper DIY Projects!

Surprise Your Loved Ones with these 5 Exciting Paper DIY Projects!
Apr 10, 2017

What can be more fun than gifting your loved ones a gorgeous pop up greeting card? A DIY paper pop up puzzle that can be hand assembled on your own! Paper Pop Cards has an incredible line of PuzzlePops that are a special kind of paper craft project. PuzzlePops come in various designs such as a sailing ship or flower basket. By following the provided instructions included in the kit and using your imagination, you can build and color a beautiful 3D masterpiece that is sure to bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones. Here are our top five favorite puzzles.

1. Ferris Wheel PuzzlePop

Ferris Wheel PuzzlePop

Life is a journey, why not enjoy the ride with this awesome Ferris Wheel Puzzle Pop. With a difficulty level of 3 stars, this super stylish puzzle pop is designed in the shape of a Ferris wheel that you can assemble yourself. The Ferris Wheel PuzzlePop is a perfect gift to surprise your loved ones on any occasion.

2. Flower Basket PuzzlePop

Flower Basket PuzzlePop

This easy-to-assemble paper puzzle pop comes with a set of blank, pre-cut puzzle pieces that can be attached to create a magnificent flower basket. And what’s more, you can also color and decorate the 3D puzzle pop as per your liking to lend it an exquisite handmade look.

3. Rose Bouquet PuzzlePop

Rose Bouquet PuzzlePop

Gift your loved ones this delightful bunch of roses and show them how much you care! With a difficulty level of 3 stars, this complex but easy to assemble Rose Bouquet PuzzlePop is made up of premium quality card stock and cut to perfection with advanced technology laser printers for intricate detailing.

4. Ship With Sail PuzzlePop

Ship with Sail PuzzlePop

Want to bid a memorable farewell to your friends traveling abroad for their studies? Well, this amazing ship with sail paper puzzle card is a wonderful way to convey your ‘bon voyage’ wishes and gift your buddies a keepsake to cherish for a lifetime. Just follow the instructions on the back of the PuzzlePop cover and you are good to go!

5. Tower Bridge PuzzlePop

Tower Bridge PuzzlePop

One of the easiest to assemble and coolest looking puzzles is our Tower Bridge of London. Given a difficulty level of 1 star, the Tower Bridge PuzzlePop is the ideal DIY paper craft project to gift on your little one’s birthday.

Why not challenge yourself and your family and friends by giving the gift of a unique DIY paper PuzzlePop. It can help promote group work and bring the entire family together.