6 Inconspicuous Cards To Use As Pick Up Lines In Time For Valentines

6 Inconspicuous Cards To Use As Pick Up Lines In Time For Valentines
Jan 23, 2019

Valentine’s Day. The holiday every single person dreads because bring on the flowers, balloons, lovey dovey dinner dates for all those happily in love while the rest of us sit at home eating ice cream and watching Netflix.

Jk, pajamas and Netflix is way more fun anyway!

Get you a Netflix and Chill buddy with these six 3-D pop up cards to let your crush know you are single and ready to mingle (as long as it doesn’t require you leaving your house). But not in an obvious way with all those hearts and roses. We’re going for the unsuspecting approach by slamming them with charm and creative pick up lines. Paper Pop Cards is here to give you some ideas.

Jumbo Jet Pop Up Card

jumbo jet valentines day pop up card

Is your crush always out of town? Are they a jet setter, but you can’t afford first class? Listen, we understand. The Jumbo Jet 3-D pop up card was built to get your jet-setting crush’s attention and let them know they are First Class. But like, First Class in your heart. Because First Class in real life is just entirely too expensive. So hit ‘em with the Jumbo Jet card and take them by surprise!

First Aid Kit Pop Up Card

first aid kit valentines day pop up card

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Here’s a quick recovery kit.”

You’re welcome. First Aid Kit 3-D pop up card. ‘Nuff said.

Computer With Sticky Note Pop Up Card

computer sticky valentines day pop up card

Some people are shy when it comes to asking people on dates and don’t want to be so obvious. So the Computer With Sticky Note 3-D pop up card is the perfect greeting card for those out there who would rather just leave a note. Write in the sticky note, “Wanna hang?” and then leave your number. Put the ball in their court.

Coffee Maker Pop Up Card

cofee valentines day pop up card

There’s always that one cutie at the coffee shop. Just slip them this Coffee Maker 3-D pop-up card. Once they read, “Two things brighten my day: the morning and you,” you have won all of Valentine’s. Valentine’s date secured!

BBQ Pop Up Card

bbq valentines day pop up card

Wanna know how to surprise your crush with a compliment while also suggesting they cook? The BBQ card has you covered. Your crush will open up that card and see the flames coming out of the grill to get ‘em fired up. Once they read, “What’s cookin’, good lookin’?” they already know they can expect to cook AND that you’re coming over. See, free meals AND a Valentine’s date!

Airplane Pop Up Card

airplane valentines day pop up card

The Airplane With Banner 3-D pop up card is the perfect icebreaker Valentine’s card because the card is built to be interactive. The banner flying out of the back end of the plane is purposely left blank so you can literally ask your crush, “Go Out With Me?” Then your crush can detach the airplane and write their response back. Throwback!

Six Pack Beer Pop Up Card

six pack valentines day pop up card

Set the stage with this Six Pack Beer 3-D pop up card that is sure to give the impression that beers are meant to be shared. The card reads, “I hope your day is packed with fun.” And then add, “It can be if you crack one open with me.” Your crush will be right over. They might even bring their own six pack!

Now go forth and secure that Valentine’s date!