12 Christmas Cards To Help You Save Money This Christmas

12 Christmas Cards To Help You Save Money This Christmas
Dec 07, 2018

Christmas cards are a necessity in this day and age. If you don’t send any cards all year, you better send a Christmas card. They’re a nice way to let those people who you think about–but don’t get the chance to catch up with–that you’re thinking of them.

Listen, I know what you’re thinking.

“Whoa, that’s a lot of people. Life is so busy there’s hardly any time! That means a lot of Christmas cards. I don’t know if I’m ready. I’m stressed out. You’re overwhelming me. Someone get an inhaler!”

Calm down! We got you covered…as always! These Christmas cards will not only save you time but also money on buying a whole Christmas gift. You’re welcome!

Card Saver #1: The Angel Christmas Card 


The Angel Christmas card is a beautiful all white angel, with laser cut wings and a lace dress that is perfect to top any Christmas tree, real or fake! The best part is you can detach the angel and use it every year! This card is perfect for someone who just lost a family member or is going through a tough time. The Angel 3-D pop up card is a Sympathy card + Christmas card + tree topper, 3-in-1 extravaganza!

Card Saver #2: Ornament Card 


The Ornament Christmas card is a red and white orb with laser cut details that pop up in 3-D in the middle of the card. It is a money saver because the recipient can then detach the ornament and use it on their own Christmas trees! 2-in-1 Christmas gift and eco-friendly to boot! No more broken glass ornaments here! 

Card Saver #3: Holiday Puppy  


The Holiday Puppy card is for all those parents out there who aren’t ready to take on a whole dog this Christmas. They’re expensive! I know, I know, the kids have been begging for one. But listen, gift your favorite parents this holiday puppy so that it gives the kids something to play with on Christmas day. Saving them a boatload on vaccines and organic puppy chow. Maybe next year, kids! 

Card Saver # 4: Picture Frame 


The Picture Frame Christmas card is for all those people who never have time to get gifts but managed to get a card. This 3-D pop up card is a laser cut gold frame that you can just stick a photo of you and your friend or family member. Ooh-la-la! A WHOLE Christmas gift. This 3-D frame even pops out so they can keep it on their desk forever and ever. 

Card Saver #5-12: 

We know that now that you’re on a roll on getting these Christmas card savers that now you want to give one to everyone in your life. We got you! Our packs of 10 cards are on sale RIGHT NOW. In different options. We have a 10 pack of: 

•  Christmas Houses 


• Christmas Fireplaces


• Christmas Holiday Penguins


 Christmas Holiday Puppies


Christmas Snowmen