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5 Niche Christmas Cards To Give To Specific Friends

5 Niche Christmas Cards To Give To Specific Friends
Dec 07, 2018

Picking out a Christmas Card that can perfectly describe and match the people we give them to is so important when thinking of a thoughtful gift. Well, we have you covered. Here are five cards for that very specific person that we made special holiday cards for.

1. That Car Person


Everyone has that friend who obsessively lives with a bunch of cats. Acknowledge your favorite human with a 3-D Cat Christmas card. The card features a pop up of a bunch of Christmas themed presents with cats walking in and out of them. They can then detach the card and hang the cat presents as an ornament on their Christmas trees to entertain their cats all day long. 

2. That Southern Person


The South (not the South Pole, we’re talking Southern Hemisphere here) is such a huge land mass that you’re bound to have a friend who lives amongst cacti. The Cactus Christmas card is the perfect card for them! The 3-D pop up card features a cactus with ornaments that they can detach and attach to their 

3. That Construction Person 


Everyone has a family member in construction or that just us? I mean, our moms even send Christmas cards to the person who renovates their houses. Yes, acknowledge the construction workers in your life! We got the perfect card for them. The Holiday Forklift 3-D pop up card is so adorable with candy cane forklifts decked out in red and green for the holiday season. It even detaches for young people to play with fun machinery. 

4. That Photography Person 


You know that one human that takes pictures of EVERYTHING and never puts their camera down? We got the perfect holiday card for them, too! The Digital Camera card is awesome because it is 3-D and pops up as a gray vintage camera. The best feature is that you can attach a photo to the lens so it gives 

5. That Beach Vacation Person


Ok, we all have that really annoying friend that is ALWAYS on vacation. I mean, do they even work? Well, I guess we should send them a Christmas card, too. Even though they’re probably lying on a beach in Hawaii somewhere and won’t even be home to receive it. **eye roll** The Beach Couple card is a 3-D pop up card that features laser cut coconut trees with two people dancing in the middle. Nothing says Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas in Hawaiian) like some palm trees swaying in the wind for your adventurous friends. 

Now go forth and spread some holiday cheer!