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8 Cards To Help You Budget This Black Friday

8 Cards To Help You Budget This Black Friday
Nov 15, 2018

The origin of the term Black Friday was first found in 1975 to describe the biggest shopping and traffic day of the year. They say the term reflects the day that retailers showed positive amounts in their financial records, switching from negative red ink to positive blank ink.

But who really cares about that? We know what Black Friday REALLY stands for: the dark abyss of our bank accounts after we finish this year’s Christmas shopping.

So in recognition of this solemn day, here are 8 cards that might help you through this dark and ominous season.

  1. The First Aid Kit Card

Get Well 3d Pop up card - Black Friday

The First Aid Kit card is perfect for when you still have hope that you might be able to resuscitate your dying bank account. Pop the kit out and set it on your desk to remind yourself to stick to the Christmas budget! We are not going broke this Black Friday season!

  1. Christmas Cactus Card

Christmas cactus 3d pop up card- black friday

The Christmas cactus greeting card is perfect to signify how little tears will be cried over this Black Friday season. We’ll be drier than the desert here with the perfect card to ensure smiles because what is cuter than a cactus with ornaments? A cactus with ornaments that pops out and can be stuck on your friend’s real life Christmas tree, duh.

  1. Eiffel Tower Card

Eiffel Tower 3d pop up card - Black Friday

Remember we’re staying on budget this year. So the Eiffel Tower card is here to save you. Use the card and put it under the Christmas tree with a hand-written note saying “Honey, we’re going to Paris!” Fine print: in 2050. They won’t even know what hit ’em. It’ll be great. Smash hit, best gift ever. For now, they can enjoy this pop out Eiffel Tower and carry it with them wherever they go. 

  1. Holiday Puppy Card

holiday puppy 3d pop up card - black friday

Or what about the Holiday Puppy greeting card? On a budget. Puppies are expensive. This puppy doesn’t require vaccinations, food, or walks in the park. This puppy lasts forever. Think about it.

  1. Ornament Card

Christmas Ornament 3d pop up card - Black friday

Better yet, what about the ornament card? It’s a 2-in-1 gift: Happy Holiday’s wishes AND a pop out hanging ornament. Can you say SAAAVVVIIINGGGSS!

  1. Wallet

Wallet 3d pop up card - Black Friday

If you must hand out money, the Wallet Card is the easiest gift ever. Forget Black Friday traffic. Order a bunch of the wallet cards, stick some money in there and shopping is done. Let’s be real, people just want money for the holidays anyway. Give the people what they want.

Unless you’re a grandparent, which brings me to the next card.

  1. Picture Frame Card

Picture Frame 3d pop up card - Black Friday

The Picture Frame Card is the easiest and least expensive grandma gift ever. Put a picture in the frame and when the photo pops out, tell her she can keep both the photo and the frame and pop it out on her mantel. Sentimental AND cost conscious. That’s our style. Black Friday didn’t get us this year!

  1. Trophy Card

Trophy 3d pop up card - Black Friday

Look at all that savings you just did. #1 Black Friday Budget Boss. AND you bought these cards using the Paper Pop Cards Black Friday sale? You deserve a trophy. Treat Yo Self!